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Sunshine Haze

Boxes on boxes, duct tape, and frayed baggage -     the Kid readies to move, again. He fills a suitcase with clothing, a duffel bag with cd’s, and a cardboard box with his turntables. He douses the lot with foam packing peanuts. Kid never got a case for his two turntables, or his microphone, and so he arranges them neatly, softly, and then cushions the box with t-shirts and socks. The Kid is moving for the fifth time in a year and change.

He has moved so much in his life the process is a walk in a park, albeit a cardboard box and suitcase lined park. From childhood family moves after the events of 9/11 to sleepaway camps and boarding schools, the Kid has gotten down an order of operations that he holds to: - Collect all items in immediate vicinity. - Sweep said items into bag/box-like receptacles. - Jam lids closed and tug zippers tight. - Await car/van/truck with rolling suitcases at the ready.

The Kid’s last few moves were a bit more haphazard - sneakers fal…

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Sunshine Haze

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